Røstøya to Lysøysund

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This morning it was cold, windy and lightly raining, again. We made an early start and, sneaking out between the fish farms, rolled out just half the genoa into what were already 15kt and building winds. Just like yesterday, it was a fast downwind sail until we crossed out of the Trondheimsleia and headed northwards behind Nordleksa.

There, the winds increased to the high 20s and then up to 32kts. With the long fetch down the channel it made for rough sailing and so, having dodged a couple of ferries and fishing boats in a narrow passage, we cut northwest and found a sheltered bay on Storfosna. Here, we anchored in thick seaweed for a couple of hours to have lunch and let this nasty patch of weather pass.

After our lunch break it was back on north towards the inner passage of Folda, yet another ‘coastal danger area’. The wind had dropped a bit, and for us this was beam reach to broad reach, again under half a head sail only and for the rest of the afternoon we were able to manage 5-7 kts in 13-19kts of wind.

Late in the afternoon we headed into Lysøysundet where we tied up on the guest pontoon and were welcomed by a Norwegian solo sailor and two sailors from France and Switzerland, all eager to talk. They all commented on how easy the fishing was in Norway, so, all the more reason to get that fishing line in the next town!

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