Sailing through icebergs

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After coffee and cookies with Maarten, Matthijs and Deborah on Saraban’de, we dropped our lines and headed northwest across Kongsfjorden to Krossfjorden with the intention of anchoring under the Fjortende Julibreen. The light easterly wind was sending an armada of icebergs out seawards through Kongsfjorden, and we sailed amongst them listening to their crackling and gurgling and enjoying their colours and shapes.

Icebergs in Kongsfjorden.



More icebergs in Kongsfjorden.

Once near the glacier though, that same north-easterly wind meant that the Fjortende Julibreen was calving big blocks of ice into the anchorage making it untenable.

Fjortende Julibreen (14th of July glacier).


Moreover, a large cruise ship in the mouth of the fjord meant that this alternative was occupied and unattractive. So, we headed across to the western side of the Krossfjorden and anchored on the sill of the lagoon at Ebeltofthamna.

Here, we decided to finally go on land!

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