A few days in Ålesund

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We spent a couple of days in Ålesund, again waiting for a good weather window to approach the next coastal danger area, Statt. While in Ålesund, we finally experienced some (unseasonally) warm weather with copious sun and temperatures up to 26°C – delightful! That’s when Frederieke really realised just how much she had missed a strong and warm sun.

Nice old boats in Ålesund harbour.

We toured the Art Deco Museum and did a self guided tour of the Art Deco district of the town. This was followed by a walk to the local hilltop, Aksla, from where we could look out over the town, the harbour and all the surrounding mountains, fjords and islands while eating ice creams – wonderful!


Frederieke was also keen to go and see a Norwegian aquarium. So one afternoon Thor took us out to the Atlantic Sea-Park. As an added surprise he had arranged for his uncle to give us a guided tour. It was a real treat, as his uncle had spent his life working as a fisherman all across the north Atlantic all the way out to Iceland and Greenland.

Cod-feeding in the Ålesund aquarium.

With the background of the aquarium to give him prompts, he treated us to a non-stop commentary on the fish, the fishery and the sea. It was a wonderful opportunity and so good of both of them. The aquarium itself was pretty good too.

Beautiful sunset from the main harbour.


Needless to say, we explored coffees and cinnie buns, especially in David’s favorite café, the Racoon. Thor and his friends had also brought cinnie buns to Yuma from another local bakery, so a proper cinnamon bun-tasting-experiment was conducted. Perhaps expectations had been too high, because overall the Ålesund cinniebuns were a bit of a disappointment! All the more reason to try and stop in Bergen later on for the final decider on the Ålesund versus Bergen’s cinniebun question.

The tallship Sørlandet at night.

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