Back in the cinnamon bun capital of Norway

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Bergen was on its best behaviour for us – grey, wet, sometimes a bit windy but mostly not, my (D) favourite kind of weather. And, as usual, it was a treat to be there. We had some lovely meals, drank fine coffee at the same ‘LD50 caffeïne dose in every double shot’ place that we discovered the first time we were here, in 2016. Importantly, this particular joint now also does cinnamon buns, as we discovered on the way north. Very classy. We knew that these are delivered at 1200ish, so we ensured we were there in time and renewed our friendships with the barristas and the baker. It’s important to have the right contacts wherever you go!

Happy Frederieke!


We spent a pleasant couple of days doing several walks up the foggy wet hills above the harbour towards Fløyen. These hills are packed with dirt roads, tracks and trails, perfect for running, walking and meandering through beautiful scenery while enjoying great views over Bergen, fjords and the coastline in general.

Surely trolls must live here…!!

The forests are covered in moss, with green, lush and soft ground cover, ideal country for trolls one might think. While walking along, we enjoyed (very quietly) mocking the runners who gasped in a continuous stream up and down the even steepest routes. Of course, we could do that too, if we wanted too! Maybe…


Bergen was also a bit of a social time. We met up the Kiwi crew of SY Pegasus, also moored in Bryggen, with whom we had crossed paths in Tromsø and Svalbard, but had never had a chance to talk to.

In Bergen, David finally decides that the beard needs to go.

Meanwhile, Klaus and Karin from SY Saphir had also make it to Bergen to store Saphir for the winter in a harbor across the fjord. They came into town on their bikes to dine with us at a rather fancy fish restaurant. Sufficient excellent food, wine and conversation was had, so much so that, rather than cycling home they took a post-midnight bus back through the drizzle. And, of course, we met a few locals, including Roald Atle Furre who was very excited to see an Australian boat in his local harbour, and even more so to learn that we were returning from Svalbard, a place he held dear.

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  1. Caro Imming April 23, 2024 at 4:44 pm - Reply

    Veel knapper zonder baard. Wat een heerlijke verhalen weer.

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