Klepperholmen to Bergen

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After a midnight end to proceedings last night, we weren’t under way until 1000 this morning. Out on the water we had a Naval escort and 21kts on the nose. Given the narrow passages up to Bergen we opted for motoring instead of endless tacking for small gains.

The entire trip was through what seemed like Bergen’s far flung waterside suburbs and nearly every rock had either a light or a small house perched cheerily atop it. Interesting stuff.


In Bergen harbour we tried to go into the Customs berth but it was taken. An attempt to go aside on the other side of the wharf resulted in a scraping of the rigging on the façade of a building whose porch overhung the water, just enough. Bugger, we must have been tired.

So we gave that away and went into the Vågen Harbor and tied up next to the Brygge. How cool is that! Six years ago we thought, hey, we could come here. And here we are. Nice.

Yuma moored in Vågen Harbor


Showers (first since the Netherlands), dinner (fish, ‘tuurlijk) and bed. Happy to be here.

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