Vikingsvågen – gale winds and shit

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Well, today was meant to be a relaxing day sorting photos for the blog in this cosy little anchorage, while the gale blew dogs off chains all across this part of the Norwegian coast.  Instead, just after breakfast, Frederieke emerged from the bathroom to say, the head is blocked.  And so, the day went to shit, literally.

Fourteen hours of bit by bit dismantling and then mantling our toilet system before all the bits were sorted out, some bits lost and only by the barest of luck refound and remantled.  Successfully finished at 0100 hours.

So much for the restful day. And we thought it best not to post any pictures of the day…

We did get winds of 30+kts though and at least our little anchorage was calm and pleasant.


  1. Matt Westcott June 22, 2023 at 8:39 am - Reply

    one day we probably don’t want photos 😂

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