Bergen to Vikingsvågen

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After refuelling and a few other last minute things we left Bergen at 0900 and motored north. Not enough wind to bother with the sails and a grey sky and cold wind. Appropriate conditions for our departure from this town.

We motored along long broad channels that were lined with suburbs for miles out of the city centre. It must be a local government nightmare keeping it all working and funded, so many islands, bridges, ferries, hills, tunnels to add to the cost of running a city. Just commuting from one part of town to the other must be so difficult. Anyway, I (D) like it. I could live there.

Today was a bit dull, motoring, sailing, motoring again when the winds weren’t with us or weren’t there, sailing when they were. The islands we passed were mostly low and seemed to be all populated, at least along the coast line. Fish farms were common, small motor boats hauling nets or checking pots were too. Not to mention, the odd huge supply ship for the oil and gas rigs offshore.

Late in the day we made it into Vikingsvågen. The entrance is perhaps 15m wide but maybe 500m inside it opens into a pond about 250m across and beyond that into another, smaller, pool. After checking them both out we decided on the bigger pool as it had more swing room and we anchored. It’s a delightful spot, low rock hills surround it, maybe 20m high, with grass and heather and on a knoll between the two ponds some firs. Not a bird, fish or any living creature seems to disturb the spot.

This was where we planned to wait out the gale that was forecast for the next day and which the Norwegian Southern weather radio man has been warning everyone about incessantly all day today.

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Vikingsvågen – gale winds and shit