Sjonøya to Renga

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Today began as a dreary cloudy day with the wind on the nose. We motored steadily north. We could have sailed but would have been endlessly tacking to make slow headway. With David’s parents arriving in Svolvær in just a few days, we needed to get as far north as possible as quickly as possible.

The highlight of the day was crossing the Arctic Circle at 66˚ 33’N. Just a short distance further south we had passed the Pole Circle monument on a small island. Photos were taken.

Yuma crossing the Pole Circle monument


All was progressing well until I discovered that our insurance ran out at 67˚N, not at Lofoten as I had remembered. So at 1500 we anchored up at Renga after having covered only 19nm so we could send an urgent email to Pantaneus – please extend our cover! Renga was a pleasant little bay, and also the first location in Norway we encountered that had bad mobile reception. Of course just when we needed it desperately! At last the sun was shining, so we did some testing of the non-functional solar charge controller and waited for the winds to improve.

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