Ylvingen to Sjonøya

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A slow grey day mostly motoring northwards into light winds. Occasionally glimpses through a patch of rising cloud or rain suggested that dramatic views lurked behind those clouds, but only occasionally. On the mainland snow patches extend almost down to the water now while out to sea islands rise vertically out of the water before disappearing mysteriously into the clouds.


Late in a gray dull day we attempted to find an anchorage on the western side of an island called Onøya, but wind and waves sweeping into a narrow bay convinced us that somewhere else might be better.


We cut back a bit south along the island and ducked into a narrow cleft between Onøya and the next island, Sjonøya. A few twists and turns along we found a pool on the eastern side of Sjonøya, protected by skerries from the east. A perfect protected anchorage. As usual a handful of summer cottages were scattered around on Sjonøya, all empty and alone.

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